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Save the date -- March 9 & 10

"Death is a Cabernet, 'Ol Chum"




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Grab some friends and join us for a HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY, filled with SUSPENSE and COMEDY!!

The Treehouse Theater Studio will host another one of our popular, fun-filled INTERACTIVE Murder Mystery Dinners -- FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT, October 27 or 28, 2017. Doors will open at 5:45 pm each night and event will run 3+ hours.

The theater at The Mystic Inn, shortly after our own Mystic Lake native, "The Great Radinski." performed an evening of incredible illusions that defied explanation. Audience members (optionally dressed for the costume party) are still in the theater, shocked to have learned that the magician was found dead on a nearby beach! 

Born in Poland as Igor Radinski, the world-renowed magician had emigrated with his parents to Mystic Lake and was said to have had psychic powers. His fame was assured a decade ago when, live on a BBC broadcast, he made London's Tower Bridge and St. Paul Cathedral disappear and then reappear 10 minutes later. Still, considered by many to be the greatest illusion ever performed, yet it has been rumored that Radinski stole the trick from another magician. Those allegations have never been proven.

The Great Radinski had returned to Mystic Lake about a week ago, following a triumphant tour of Asia and Europe. Prior to the planned ending of tonight's show, however, the Great Radinski disappeared from the stage in a cloud of smoke. Fifteen minutes later, puzzled guests heard a muffled explosion. Police then entered to announce that Radinski was found dead on the nearby beach and confirmed that their evidence points toward a homicide, committed by one of our SEVEN SUSPECTS: 

GRETEL AUERHAHN (German clock maker, in costume tonight as a cuckoo)

BERTRAM "BUDGIE" BENSON (showman and Radinski's agent, costumed as the emir of Qatar)

JENNY FEATHERSTONE (Radinski's on-stage assistant)

GWENDOLYN JONES (Welch breeder of exotic stage animals, costumed as a queen)

ROGER QUIGLEY (Australian barterer and trader, costumed as a pirate)

IVAN RADINSKI (first cousin of deceased and cell phone industry entrepreneur, costumed as a polar Admiral) 

BARONESS von HOFBURG SCHLOSSBRUNN (Hungarian noblewoman thru marriage, costumed as Madame Butterfly)

Join the guests who are gathered in search of the truth behind The Great Radinski's demise. Circular tables, each with 8 guests, will work together to question our seven suspects. Each table will eventually submit their best "whodunit" guess for the entire group in attendance!

Seating is limited and Reservations are required by October 25.

$30 per person includes a full evening of entertainment and catered buffet.

Cash bar.

Make your reservations online using credit card (recommended) BELOW

To make reservations and pay by check, send an email Karen Rohrer to request your seating.

Murder Mystery Dinner

PREVIOUS MURDER MYSTERY DINNERS, hosted by Treehouse Theater 


Murder is Par for the Course 

Friday, March 17 and

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Set in the club house of the prestigious Porous Pines Country Club. Members, staff, and spectators gather to remember the men's regional champion, Mr. Holin Wunn. 

Catered buffet during the questioning of SIX SUSPECTS:


Sandy Trapini  (played by ROZ VOSSEN) - President of Porous Pines Golf Club

Birdie Bigelow (CORRIE SKUBAL) - Women's golf champion

Macon Green (JIM TISLER) - Greenskeeper

Carrie Bagshot (KAREN ROHRER - Fri / JULIET KOSARZYCKI - Sat) - Bigelow's Caddie
Toten Klubs (ROB ROHRER - Fri / BRUCE BITTER - Sat) - Wunn's Caddie
Nemo Brandt (MARTY CHALLER) - CEO of Sadasi Sports Gear
Tables of 8 guests will share a circular table and work together to question our six suspects.
Each table eventually submits their best "whodunit" guess !

Seating is limited and Reservations are required by March 13


$30 per person includes a full evening of entertainment

with catered buffet and cash bar



 Evil Never Dies

Friday, Oct. 28  and

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016

** SOLD OUT ** 

Set in the family mansion of Grimsby Graves, a prominent resident of Reaper Junction, on October 31, 1925.  Family and town residents, arrive for his wake.  Catered buffet during the questioning of SIX suspects:


Gregory Graves (played by KEVIN SIEVERT) - Graves's only child

Penelope Crust (JULIET KOSARZYCKI - Fri / DEANNE STOKES - Sat) - Owner of Reaper Bakery

Bella Bones (ERIN NYCZ - Friday / MARGARET IANNITELLO - Sat), Mortician 

Jack Lantern (ERIC NYCZ - Friday / KEITH SHAW - Sat), Pumpkin farmer

Todd Sweeney (MARTY SCHALLER) - Reaper Junction barber

Tara Cardoli (CLARAN LaVIOLETTE) - Mystic and fortune teller


The Day the Music Died

Friday, March 18 and

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Set in the Maltie's Falcon Soda Shop during the five-year reunion for the Class of 1954, guests learned that their classmate, Rock N. Roley, was murdered!  Catered meal followed by the questioning of EIGHT classmates / suspects:


Cal Q. Layder (played by MARTY SCHALLER) -- Science wizard

Dee C. Duecer (LISA HEILI) -- Homecoming Queen

Del Toydes (DEAN SLEGER) -- three-sport Athlete

E.C. Leigh (VICKI SVACINA) -- Cheerleader

Joe K. Awledge (JOHN IANNITELLO) -- College graduate & Business Manager

Penny Lofer (MARGARET IANNITELLO) -- Rock's twin sister

Pris E. Teene (CLARAN LaVIOLETTE) -- Class President & Valedictorian

Rick C. Alcitrent (ZACH LULLOFF) -- Rebellious tough guy 

Betting on Death
Friday, March 17, 2015
Set in the Labachio Hotel in Las Vegas, guests are enjoying the Casino when police interrupt to announce the puzzling hit-and-run death of a seemingly harmless man.  Guests will enjoy a catered dinner and led thru the investigation of our six suspects.
Preston Ellis (played by PETER SCHOEPP) -- Premier Elvis impersonator
Mitsy Monroe (MICHELE SCHOEPP) -- Aging showgirl
"Wild Bill" Billions (MARTY SCHALLER) -- Professional poker player
Debra Dawn (STETZ SMITH) -- Blackjack dealer
Jess Pawnit (DAVID BOURGEOIS) -- Nearby pawn shop owner
Lisa Ride (MARGARET IANNITELLO) -- Limo company owner/driver

Death in Them Thar Hills
Saturday, March 16, 2013

Set in the 1880's Cactus Gulch, AZ, saloon, guests are gathered to remember the recently deceased gold mine owner, Dusty Jones.   The memorial ends as Sherriff Wyatt Burp interrupts to announce that Dusty Jones was murdered!  Sheriff leads an investigation of our ten suspects:

Beauregard T. Brady (played by BIFF HANSEN) -- Mayor of Cactus Gulch
Tricia Truehart (CLARAN LaVIOLETTE) -- Town doctor
Hannibal P. Hanks (ANDY LANGER) -- Newspaper editor
Abraham Patton (KEITH SHAW) -- Bank president
Cattie Adams (JENNIFER KASTEN) -- Owner of The Short Stump Saloon
Hawk-Who-Watches (JOHN IANNITELLO) -- Leader of the Holeecowa tribe
J.P. James (MARGARET IANNITELLO) -- Wild West writer
Annie Elmley (KRIS ZAHN) -- Sharpshooter and showperson
Flint Flames (SCOTT ZAHN) -- Blacksmith and horse trader
Bonnie Crockett (EMILY HERMUS) -- School teacher


Karen Rohrer - Executive Director


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