Murder Mystery Dinners


October 22 & 23, 2021


February 25 & 26, 2022

Show Titles, TBA




Grab some friends, work colleagues, and/or plan a

Date Night to join us for a fun-filled evening of 


We are hosting another one of our super popular,

fun-filled  INTERACTIVE Murder Mystery Dinners

Doors open at 5:30 pm and 

event will run 4+ hours

Circular tables, each with 8 guests, work together to question our 6-8 suspects:

Each table will eventually submit their best "whodunit" guess for the entire group in attendance!


Seating is limited and Reservations are required

$35/person (ages 18+) includes a full evening of entertainment, catered buffet, and cash bar


910 Washington St in downtown Manitowoc



1 - ONLINE (strongly recommended)

2 - EMAIL,  to request seating and pay with cash/check

will open in Oct. 1 2021



'Til Death Do Us Part - March 6 & 7, 2020

A 1970's wedding, uniting a hippie bride with a wealthy groom


  • Jewel Hogget: The bride and daddy’s little girl

  • Roger Windsor: The groom; whiny, mama's boy 

  • Henry Hogget: The father of the bride 

  • Abigail Windsor: Roger’s mommy dearest

  • Gregg Pierson IV:  Roger’s best man  

  • Gert Doppleheimer: Henry’s crazy widowed sister

Author credit: Haley Productions



Death of a Gangster - March 8 & 9, 2019

During Prohibition, Donato "Babyface" Brundizzi has invited guests into "the family."



        Donato "Babyface" Brundizzi - The Godfather 

        Waldo "The Sneak" Brundizzi - The Godfather's older brother

        Connie Nonnie - The Godfather's widowed Aunt

        Rita Scallopini - The Godfather's niece

        "Crusher" Joe Genelli - The Godfather's bodyguard 

        Fifi La Trick - The Godfather's girlfriend

        "Dapper Dan" Johnson -  The Godfather's accountant

        Jimmy "The Gyp" Johnson - brother of The Godfather's accountant

Author credit: Haley Productions


A Thirst for Murder October 19 & 20, 2018

Halloween night at the annual Costume Ball in Devil's Gulch 



        Grace Peabody - reclusive & eccentric psychic 

        Lester Danvers - lone survivor of last year's fire

        Lucy Moore - writer for "The Probe" newspaper 

        William Parker - wealthiest "bad boy" in town 

        George Burton - Mayor of Devil's Gulch 

        Helena Burton - George's overbearing wife 

        Ingrid Bates -  Gilbert Bates' long-lost aunt 

        Dr. Ludwig Von Herring - investigator of the unusual 

Author credit: Haley Productions

Death is a Cabernet, 'ol ChumMarch 9 & 10, 2018

Public auction of the Melee Winery & Vineyards


Pierre LaPaine - winemaster

Renee Melee - deceased only child

Stan Milton - owner, Milt-Mart Stores

Nina Grigio - writer, Wine Line magazine

Carter Cabot - rival and owner, Cabot Vineyards

Sue Veneer - gift shop manager

Ben Breakfast - innkeeper, Nippy Victorian House

Leelah Eagle - attorney at law



Magical MacabreOctober 28, 2017

Theater inside The Mystic Inn



Gretel Auerhahn - German clock maker
Bertrum Benson - showman and Radinski's agent
Jenny Featherstone - Radinski's on-stage assistant
Gwendolyn Jones - Welch breeder of exotic stage animals
Roger Quigley - Australian barterer and trader
Ivan Radinski - first cousin of deceased; cell phone industry entrepreneur
Baronness von Schlossbrunn - Hungarian noblewoman thru marriage 



Murder is Par for the Course - March 17 & 18, 2017

Club house of the Porous Pines Country Club



Sandy Trapini - President of Porous Pines Golf Club

Birdie Bigelow - Women's golf champion

Macon Green - Greenskeeper

Carrie Bagshot - Bigelow's Caddie

Toten Klubs - Wunn's Caddie

Nemo Brandt - CEO of Sadasi Sports Gear

Evil Never Dies - October 28 & 29, 2016


Wake inside the family mansion of Grimsby Graves on October 31, 1925



Gregory Graves - Graves's only child

Penelope Crust - Owner of Reaper Bakery

Bella Bones - Mortician 

Jack Lantern - Pumpkin farmer

Todd Sweeney - Reaper Junction barber

Tara Cardoli - Mystic and fortune teller



The Day the Music Died - March 18 & 19, 2016


Maltie's Falcon Soda Shop during the Class of 1954's reunion



Cal Q. Layder -- Science wizard

Dee C. Duecer -- Homecoming Queen

Del Toydes -- three-sport Athlete

E.C. Leigh -- Cheerleader

Joe K. Awledge -- College graduate & Business Manager

Penny Lofer -- Rock's twin sister

Pris E. Teene -- Class President & Valedictorian

Rick C. Alcitrent -- Rebellious tough guy 



Betting on DeathMarch 17, 2015


Labachio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas



Preston Ellis -- Premier Elvis impersonator

Mitsy Monroe -- Aging showgirl

Wild Bill Billions -- Professional poker player

Debra Dawn -- Blackjack dealer

Jess Pawnit -- Nearby pawn shop owner

Lisa Ride -- Limo company owner/driver



Death in Them Thar HillsMarch 16, 2013

Short Stump Saloon, during the 1880's



Beauregard T. Brady -- Mayor of Cactus Gulch
Tricia Truehart -- Town doctor
Hannibal P. Hanks -- Newspaper editor
Abraham Patton -- Bank president
Cattie Adams -- Owner of The Short Stump Saloon
Hawk-Who-Watches -- Leader of the Holeecowa tribe
J.P. James -- Wild West writer
Annie Elmley -- Sharpshooter and showperson
Flint Flames -- Blacksmith and horse trader
Bonnie Crockett -- School teacher

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