Murder Mystery Dinners

Grab some friends, work colleagues, and/or plan a Date Night to join us for an evening of SUSPENSE and COMEDY!!

Murder among the Mateys.jpg

October 14 & 15, 2022


MAKE PLANS to attend our super popular,

fun-filled INTERACTIVE Murder Mystery Dinners

AHOY, MATEYS!! Calling all pirates, wenches, saucy sea maidens, & scallywags  ~ sharpen me sword & gather me comrades


The year is 1715 and ye buccaneers are expected to attend the Brethren Court's annual gathering at Dirty Dan's Sea Tavern.  Bring ye best code of conduct (what'er that may be) or risk walkin' de plank! 

This is ye chance to mingle with fellow buccaneers and enjoy live entertainment, shenanigans, grub, dancing, and haggling for treasure chests filled with plunder.  


Each table of 8 guests will form a crew, elect a Captain, First Mate, & Bar Wench;

then work together to question our suspects:

ABIGAIL SCULLY - barkeep at Dirty Dan's Sea Tavern

CUTLER WORMLEY - Captain of The Delivery

DELILAH BOOTENANNY - aide to the Gove'nor

JACKSON KILLIBREW - Gove'nor of the Brethren

MARINA KILLIBREW - Gove'nor's wench


PEGLEG SPARROW - first mate of The Delivery



ALL guests are encouraged to dress in PIRATE attire

AND  arrive between 5:30-6:00 pm; event will run 4+ hours

Any size group (2-8 people) are welcome to register ~ we will fill each table!

Seating is limited and Reservations are required

$42/person (ages 18+) includes a full evening of entertainment and

catered meal from The Smiling Moose:

- family-style CHARCUTERIE BOARDS and SALAD served to each table

- BUFFET items to include two entrees,  garlic mashed potatoes,

green vegetable, fresh fruit, and various desserts.


Held at TREEHOUSE THEATER - 910 Washington St, Manitowoc


1 - ONLINE (strongly recommended)

2 - EMAIL,  to request seating and pay with cash/check

Our NEXT Murder Mystery Dinners will be held FEB. 24 & 25, 2023


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