Murder Mystery Dinner

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October 23, 2021
We are hosting another one of our super popular,

fun-filled INTERACTIVE Murder Mystery Dinners

Registered guests should arrive between 5:30-6:00 pm; event will run 4+ hours

Grab some friends, work colleagues, and/or plan a

Date Night to join us for a fun-filled evening of 


YOU ARE INVITED to an extravagant Hollywood Gala, sponsored by Director Eddie Cheeks, as he is in search of financial backers and supporting actors for his upcoming movie.  In return for funding, Eddie may grant you an audition that could lead to a role in his movie!  Guests are encouraged to "over-dress" in Hollywood Gala wear, as you are all B-list actors, desperate to attract the Director's attention tonight!

Circular tables, each with 8 guests, work together to question our TEN suspects:


Billie Clubb (played by Margaret Iannitello) owner of a management company that represents B-movie and television stars

Chance Heartfelt (Jonathan Medendorp) Eddie's set designer and prop master

Cheri Pit (Corrie Skubal):  newly arrived actress; growing desperate to secure any role

Dan Druff (Roger Bennin) Nova's bodyguard and chauffeur

Eddie Cheeks (Marty Schaller) self-absorbed, egocentric, and possibly insane, B-movie director

Edith Header (Danielle Frahm):  brilliant costume designer

Nova Devoe (Claran LaViolette) established Hollywood actress

Quinnie Winston (Em Schaller) make-up artist; plays a supporting role in Eddie's upcoming movie

Rock Stud (Rob Rohrer) male lead in Eddie’s upcoming picture

Each table will eventually submit their best "whodunit" guess for the entire group in attendance!


Seating is limited and Reservations are required

$40/person (ages 18+) includes a full evening of entertainment, catered meal from Smiling Moose,

and cash bar


910 Washington St in downtown Manitowoc



1 - ONLINE (strongly recommended)

2 - EMAIL,  to request seating and pay with cash/check

Can't join us in October?  No worries ~ we do these twice a year!
Show Title TBA - March 4 & 5, 2022



'Til Death Do Us Part - March 6 & 7, 2020

A 1970's wedding, uniting a hippie bride with a wealthy groom


  • Jewel Hogget: The bride and daddy’s little girl

  • Roger Windsor: The groom; whiny, mama's boy 

  • Henry Hogget: The father of the bride 

  • Abigail Windsor: Roger’s mommy dearest

  • Gregg Pierson IV:  Roger’s best man  

  • Gert Doppleheimer: Henry’s crazy widowed sister

Author credit: Haley Productions



Death of a Gangster - March 8 & 9, 2019

During Prohibition, Donato "Babyface" Brundizzi has invited guests into "the family."



        Donato "Babyface" Brundizzi - The Godfather 

        Waldo "The Sneak" Brundizzi - The Godfather's older brother

        Connie Nonnie - The Godfather's widowed Aunt

        Rita Scallopini - The Godfather's niece

        "Crusher" Joe Genelli - The Godfather's bodyguard 

        Fifi La Trick - The Godfather's girlfriend

        "Dapper Dan" Johnson -  The Godfather's accountant

        Jimmy "The Gyp" Johnson - brother of The Godfather's accountant

Author credit: Haley Productions


A Thirst for Murder October 19 & 20, 2018

Halloween night at the annual Costume Ball in Devil's Gulch 



        Grace Peabody - reclusive & eccentric psychic 

        Lester Danvers - lone survivor of last year's fire

        Lucy Moore - writer for "The Probe" newspaper 

        William Parker - wealthiest "bad boy" in town 

        George Burton - Mayor of Devil's Gulch 

        Helena Burton - George's overbearing wife 

        Ingrid Bates -  Gilbert Bates' long-lost aunt 

        Dr. Ludwig Von Herring - investigator of the unusual 

Author credit: Haley Productions

Death is a Cabernet, 'ol ChumMarch 9 & 10, 2018

Public auction of the Melee Winery & Vineyards


Pierre LaPaine - winemaster

Renee Melee - deceased only child

Stan Milton - owner, Milt-Mart Stores

Nina Grigio - writer, Wine Line magazine

Carter Cabot - rival and owner, Cabot Vineyards

Sue Veneer - gift shop manager

Ben Breakfast - innkeeper, Nippy Victorian House

Leelah Eagle - attorney at law



Magical MacabreOctober 28, 2017

Theater inside The Mystic Inn



Gretel Auerhahn - German clock maker
Bertrum Benson - showman and Radinski's agent
Jenny Featherstone - Radinski's on-stage assistant
Gwendolyn Jones - Welch breeder of exotic stage animals
Roger Quigley - Australian barterer and trader
Ivan Radinski - first cousin of deceased; cell phone industry entrepreneur
Baronness von Schlossbrunn - Hungarian noblewoman thru marriage 



Murder is Par for the Course - March 17 & 18, 2017

Club house of the Porous Pines Country Club



Sandy Trapini - President of Porous Pines Golf Club

Birdie Bigelow - Women's golf champion

Macon Green - Greenskeeper

Carrie Bagshot - Bigelow's Caddie

Toten Klubs - Wunn's Caddie

Nemo Brandt - CEO of Sadasi Sports Gear

Evil Never Dies - October 28 & 29, 2016


Wake inside the family mansion of Grimsby Graves on October 31, 1925



Gregory Graves - Graves's only child

Penelope Crust - Owner of Reaper Bakery

Bella Bones - Mortician 

Jack Lantern - Pumpkin farmer

Todd Sweeney - Reaper Junction barber

Tara Cardoli - Mystic and fortune teller



The Day the Music Died - March 18 & 19, 2016


Maltie's Falcon Soda Shop during the Class of 1954's reunion



Cal Q. Layder -- Science wizard

Dee C. Duecer -- Homecoming Queen

Del Toydes -- three-sport Athlete

E.C. Leigh -- Cheerleader

Joe K. Awledge -- College graduate & Business Manager

Penny Lofer -- Rock's twin sister

Pris E. Teene -- Class President & Valedictorian

Rick C. Alcitrent -- Rebellious tough guy 



Betting on DeathMarch 17, 2015


Labachio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas



Preston Ellis -- Premier Elvis impersonator

Mitsy Monroe -- Aging showgirl

Wild Bill Billions -- Professional poker player

Debra Dawn -- Blackjack dealer

Jess Pawnit -- Nearby pawn shop owner

Lisa Ride -- Limo company owner/driver



Death in Them Thar HillsMarch 16, 2013

Short Stump Saloon, during the 1880's



Beauregard T. Brady -- Mayor of Cactus Gulch
Tricia Truehart -- Town doctor
Hannibal P. Hanks -- Newspaper editor
Abraham Patton -- Bank president
Cattie Adams -- Owner of The Short Stump Saloon
Hawk-Who-Watches -- Leader of the Holeecowa tribe
J.P. James -- Wild West writer
Annie Elmley -- Sharpshooter and showperson
Flint Flames -- Blacksmith and horse trader
Bonnie Crockett -- School teacher

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