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We are a family-friendly organization ~ not another huge time or financial commitment!  If you haven't already done so, please COME SEE A SHOW so you and your child(ren) can see other performing youth "in action!"

If your child(ren)/family are new to the arts OR your child is a little unsure, we suggest starting with:

If your child(ren) loves to sing and has some performing experience or is age 15+, we suggest starting with:

Our JTF Performing Team is only open to experienced students, ages 10-18, who have previously participated in at least one (and preferably, several) of our MAIN STAGE musicals.  This is due to the shortened, intense rehearsal time frame needed to develop the competition performance piece. 


Please connect with us via email ~ we do our best to engage all those interested.  If you will have direct contact with our youth, we require your birth date to complete a full background check.


We believe that students benefit from working with a variety of talented arts professionals, so we actively recruit and attempt to select a unique, fresh directing team for each musical production.  Please contact the Executive Director with questions about the commitment needed for each position.


DIRECTOR Candidates

Submit a timely online Application for consideration by the Production Committee



PRODUCTION STAFF Candidates (Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Make Up, etc)

If you are new to Treehouse, please complete and submit a timely online Expression of Interest for consideration by the Production Committee, potentially leading to your recommendation to each show's Director



EVERY role in EVERY production is open to all students, new or returning.  We offer Audition Prep Workshops, aimed at enhancing the preparation efforts for all interested students and their supportive family members. Auditions and Casting is a difficult process; it is a collaborative effort that is led by each show's Director (unique to each production) with oversight provided by the Executive or Education Director.  Students are always placed in roles that best fit the Director's vision.



We believe that back-stage student experience enhances the success of each production and helps to develop well-rounded student leaders and actors.  If a Jr. Staff applicant also chooses to audition, they are excluded from all audition and casting planning, discussions, and decisions.


Complete and submit a timely online Application for consideration by the Education Committee, potentially  leading to a recommendation to each show's Staff Lead.  LINK is sent to eligible students via email.

Production Team (Jr. Director, Music Director, Choreographer) 

Technician Team (Jr. Costumes, Stage Mgr, Props, Make up, Hair, Sound, Lighting)

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