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About  Us

Formed in 2012, Treehouse Theater is a 501c3 federal nonprofit organization ~ EIN #45-5119877 ~ operating by the grace of multi-talented Board members, a small administrative team, and countless volunteers.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 



To enrich the lives of children and their families by providing quality theater arts education and performance opportunities


President - Eric Nycz

Vice President - Denise Kitzerow

Secretary - Martin Schaller

Treasurer - John Iannitello


Susan Bown, Jeff Brandenburg, Amy Edler, Jonathan Medendorp, Doug Odell

Barb Schweitzer, Ginger Snyder-Van Ells, Matt Wallander


Executive Director - Karen Rohrer

Business Manager - Jeanette Greenwood Kane

Education Director - Erin Nycz

Costume Shop Manager - Rachel Danay

Producer, Home Stage musicals - Elizabeth Schoepp

Facility Manager - John Iannitello




Chair:  Erin Nycz

Board Members:  Amy Edler, Jonathan Medendorp

Madde Gilmore, Lisa Heili, Margaret Iannitello, Elizabeth Schoepp, Katie Jo Shimulunas, Deanne Stokes


Chair:  Eric Nycz

Board Members:  John Iannitello, Denise Kitzerow, Martin Schaller


Chair:  John Iannitello

Board Members:  Jeff Brandenburg, Matt Wallander


Chair:  Karen Rohrer

Board Members:  Susan Bown, Doug Odell

Madde Gilmore, Katie Jo Shimulunas


Chair:  Karen Rohrer

Board Members:  Barb Schweitzer, Ginger Snyder-Van Ells

Betsie Auchter, Madde Gilmore, Jennifer Kasten, Shannon Meulbroek, Julie Rohrer, Deanne Stokes



Since 2012, Treehouse Theater (THT) has provided the Northeast Wisconsin community with year-round theater education opportunities, inspiring ages 6 to 18 to safely explore their creativity within our fully renovated 11,000 sq ft studio.  Theater education classes and specialty workshops offer small group instruction for skill development while musicals and One Acts require educators and students to work together to bring a show to the stage.  THT educators consistently teach important life skills through theater, building each student’s self-confidence and helping to mold them into more compassionate adults.  


In 2019, THT purchased the building at 910 Washington St and created their own 11,000 sq ft rehearsal studio and small-scale performance venue.  Once limited to the lakeshore, families now come from Sheboygan, Brillion, Green Bay, and beyond to participate in programming and join in the audiences.

The Board of Directors focus on strategic initiatives and year-round operations are guided by founder of the organization, Executive Director KAREN ROHRER.  Believing that youth will thrive from the opportunity to work with a variety of area arts enthusiasts, THT secures a fresh instructor or directing team for each class, musical or play.  Interested students can choose to audition for the opportunity to appear onstage as cast members, apply as Jr. production team members, or volunteer to assist as members of the stage or technical crews.  Each class and cast is a blend of new and returning student actors, all of whom are encouraged to explore their artistic individuality, be creative and responsible, improve their listening skills, and gain self-confidence while making new friends. 

THT offers the student leadership development program and all hours served qualify for area high school's community service requirement.  When accepted as Jr. production team members, students between ages 14-18 can observe the organizational process and grow to appreciate the many challenges encountered during each production. Under the guidance of an adult mentor, many students have stepped forward to lead an aspect of a THT summer camp musical.  The two sessions of the 2023 summer productions of Seussical KIDS were each led by students in the positions of Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Set Decorator, Props Design, Make up Design, and Hair Design.

Each THT educational class and performance opportunity serves to strengthen the extended community by attracting students from multiple public and private schools as well as from home school settings.  The April 2024 production of Mary Poppins JR  featured 58 student actors who attend 24 different schools or are home schooled.  THT takes great pride in exceeding the commonly low expectations for youth theater and audiences are repeatedly impressed by the high-quality sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and talent level of the student performers.



THT purchased and fully renovated the building located at 910 Washington St in in 2019, now operating within this beautiful 11,000 sq. ft. facility.  With a floor plan focused on expanding future income streams, THT now rents out the Community Room and Kitchenette plus the Costume Room that doubles as storage and packaging of our costume sets that are rented and shipped across the US  to schools and community theater groups:

Progress photos of the building's transformation can be found on our Facebook page.

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