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Treehouse Theater (THT) offers year-round theater education classes, specialty workshops, and performance opportunities EXCLUSIVELY  for youth, ages of 4-18.  THT seeks to inspire youth to explore their individuality, creativity, and self-confidence while developing responsibility and a strong work ethic.

Formed in 2012, THT is a 501c3 federal nonprofit organization ~ EIN #45-5119877 ~ operating by the grace of multi-talented Board members, limited Staff, and countless volunteers.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 




To enrich the lives of children and their families by providing quality theater education and performance opportunities

educational arts PROGRAMMING

Local Musical Productions

Theater Education Classes

Group rehearsals and trip to national Junior Theater Festival

Workshops with Special Guests


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Strengthened by community partnership, Treehouse Theater (THT) has been proactively supporting youth education and development through quality performing arts programming since 2012.  THT instruction with the guiding principles of respect, trust, leading by example, healthy communication, and teamwork produces students that can then strengthen the casts of arts organizations and their own public or private school theater programs.


THT has produced 25 high-quality local musical productions, won awards at seven of the past eight Junior Theater Festival national competitions, designed and built their first rehearsal studio on Franklin St, launched theater education classes, hosted several specialty arts workshops, worked numerous fundraising events, and bought the building at 910 Washington St.  Once limited to Manitowoc and Two Rivers, families now come from Sheboygan, Brillion, Green Bay, and beyond to participate in programming and join in the audiences.

Year-round operations are guided by the Board of Directors. Staff members include Executive Director KAREN ROHRER, integral founder of the organization, Education Director ERIN NYCZ, and Rental Coordinator DANIELLE FRAHM.  Believing that youth will thrive from the opportunity to work with a variety of area arts enthusiasts, THT secures a fresh directing team for each musical.  Interested students can choose to audition for the opportunity to appear onstage as cast members, apply as Jr. production team members, or volunteer to assist as members of the stage or technical crews.  Each cast is a blend of new and returning student actors, all of whom are encouraged to explore their artistic individuality, be creative and responsible, improve their listening skills, and gain self-confidence while making new friends.  Each cast and crew works together to develop a high-quality music theater production for sharing with the local community and/or showcasing at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta.

To further the mission of building confident leaders, Mrs. Rohrer partnered with volunteer Education Director, Deanne Stokes, to create and supervise the THT student leadership development program.  When accepted as Jr. production team members, students between ages 14-18 can observe the organizational process and grow to appreciate the many challenges encountered during each production. Under the guidance of an adult mentor, some of these students have later stepped forward to lead one aspect of a THT summer musical.  The two sessions of the 2021 summer productions of Annie KIDS was proudly led by students in the positions of Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Tech Designer, Make up Designer, and Hair Designer.

Each educational class and musical production serve to strengthen the extended community by attracting students from multiple public and private schools as well as from home school settings.  The December 2019 production of Disney’s ​FROZEN Jr featured 62 student actors who attend 27 different schools or are home schooled.  Most performances are held on the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus Theatre stage and audiences routinely fill nearly every available seat.  THT takes great pride in exceeding the commonly low expectations for youth theater and audiences are repeatedly impressed by the high-quality sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and talent level of the student performers.



THT identified a highly visible, structurally-solid building and adjacent parking lot in downtown Manitowoc, in dire need of revitalization. The building, located at 910 Washington St, is 11,000 sq. ft. on two floors, plus a full basement for storage.  The West Foundation awarded THT with a grant to fully fund the building's purchase in July of 2019.  The Executive Director designed a floor plan that focused on expanding future income streams, including a Community Room and Kitchenette that are available for rent, four one-on-one vocal and instrumental instruction rooms, and a huge Costume Room for storing all of our fabulous costume sets that are available for rent via the website  This market is exploding as countless schools and community theater programs across the country face decreased funding and lack of staff needed for creating quality costumes for their youth musicals.

178 volunteers of all ages donated over 5,000 hours on the building renovation project.  Partnered with generous sub-contractors and capital campaign supporters, this collaborative revitalization project has resulted in the creation of an exciting new permanent youth arts complex for many years of enjoyment by the extended community.

Progressional photos of the building's transformation can be found on our Facebook page.


President - Martin Schaller

Vice President - Doug Odell 

Secretary - Warren Schmidt

Treasurer - John Iannitello


Susan Bown, Jeff Brandenburg, Denise Kitzerow, Richard Ladwig, Luan Leonardelli, Eric Nycz, Jamie Vergenz



Karen Rohrer - (920) 374-4983



Erin Nycz


Danielle Frahm



Chair:  Erin Nycz

Board Member:  

Youth:  Mazie Frahm, Alethea Quick

Adults:  Lisa Devins-Horohoe, Danielle Frahm, Lisa Heili, Margaret Iannitello, Deanne Stokes



Chair:  Martin Schaller

Board Members:  Doug Odell, John Iannitello, Warren Schmidt



Chair:  Jeff Brandenburg

Board Members:  John Iannitello, Richard Ladwig, Jamie Vergenz

Adults: Sara Schaller



Chair:  Madde Gilmore

Board Members:  Susan Bown, Denise Kitzerow, Eric Nycz, Doug Odell

Youth:  Noah Van Ells

Adults:  Danielle Frahm, Elizabeth Geissler, Ginger Van Ells



Chair:  Karen Rohrer

Board Members:  Luan Leonardelli, Warren Schmidt

Youth:  Ethan Stokes

Adults:  Betsie Auchter, Jean Fuhs, Katie Lawrenz, Shannon Meulbroek, Paul Reilly, Deanne Stokes