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Contact Us / FAQ's

Managing Director, Karen Rohrer / (920) 242-6842 cell
Artistic Director, Jennifer Kasten / (920) 860-6306 cell


What size cast t-shirt will my child receive?
There is an area on the Audition Registration Form to indicate the desired size
Can additional items (sweatshirts, t-shirts) be purchased?
Yes, there will be an order form included in within the Parent Meeting packet

What does the Actor Participation fee include?
All instruction, music CD, script, costume (you may be asked to provide basics such as shoes), cast t-shirt and DVD at the cast party
When is the Actor Participation fee due?
All payments are due at the Parent Meeting or during the first week of rehearsals.  Please make checks payable to Treehouse Theater.

What if I have more than one child who wants to be in the production?  GREAT!!
The first child's cost is $50 (summer show) or $60 (fall & spring shows).  Each additional child will cost $10 less - this reduction reflects your family receiving just one DVD after the performances.  With three or more children in the cast, there is a maximum family participation fee of $125. 


When will I see my child's costume?
The Designer will measure your child(ren) during the first week of rehearsals and begin working on the costumes.  Periodic fittings will begin around the middle of the rehearsal schedule.   Most costume pieces will be ready for wearing prior to Tech Week and enhancements will arrive during Dress Rehearsals.
What pieces may be requested from me to supplement my child's costume?
Basics like black pants, shoes, or socks; dance shoes (jazz or ballet); white shirt; nude leotard are suggested for girls to wear under costumes.
How are costumes stored at rehearsal?
Each actor will need to provide a plastic tote bin (with cover), labeled with their first and last name.  This bin will stay in an assigned area of the dressing rooms and serve as their space for storing personal items, clothing, jackets and street shoes.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE IN THE TOTE BINS.
Is the costume ours to keep?
No, the full costume set is property of Treehouse Theater and may be assembled / offered for rental to other theater groups.

Why do I need to volunteer?
Treehouse Theater is a small community based group that is currently operating by the grace of our volunteers. When we all work together, great things can happen and there is less work for all.   Please jump in to help and become part of the team!
What if I can't volunteer?
While we much prefer that you volunteer, we understand that some families simply don't have extra time. If this applies to you, there is a family buyout option of an additional $100

Will pictures be taken of my child(ren)?
Yes, the Treehouse Theater photographer will take individual and group pictures before, during and after rehearsals and performances. 
Can I/we decline the photography of our child(ren)?
Yes, you may indicate this selection on the Actor/Family Form that must be completed and returned. 

How do I register my child(ren) for auditions?
Please click on the Auditions tab under the Current Production tab and complete/submit the online registration form.  


What time will rehearsals begin / end?
To respect our busy cast families, all rehearsals will begin no earlier than 5:00 pm and end by 8:00 pm.
When will rehearsals be held?
Each Production team will establish a rehearsal schedule in advance of auditions.  Likely two weeknights (6:00-8:00 pm) and Saturday morning or afternoon each week.
Where will rehearsals be held?
All rehearsals will be held within assigned rooms of First German Lutheran Church (1025 South 8th Street, Manitowoc).  Please enter through the center double doors of the school entrance.  Look for signage to direct you to specific rooms or ask a member of Production Team.