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JTF 2018

January 11-15, 2018



are made available through 

submission by Sept. 1 of 

an Application - LINK




by Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1



JTF Payments (incl proc fees)

As a 501c3 NON-PROFIT,

year-round donations from

individuals, families, service

clubs, businesses and

foundations are vital to our

continued success.  



Team-focused experience for a minimum of 20 student performers, ages 10-18, to prepare for and attend this national festival in Atlanta. Primary goal is personal growth and enrichment while developing 15-minute, team-focused "mini musical" showcase for a competitive national environment with adjudication by performing arts professionals.

2018 Performing Team

Noah Babich, Addison Fowler, Anna Gallagher, Jessica Iannitello, Mary Iannitello, Libbey Kirchner, Dallas Laurin

Madison Moore, Ian Onesti, Maya Pagel, Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller, Max Schoepp, Samuel Schoepp, Hannah

Schuh, Alli Slowiak, Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Alexis Veleke, Cassie Wanek and Morgan Wiesner 


Congratulations to our 21 team members who presented a 15-minute 

competition "mini-musical" of The Little Mermaid Jr for industry professionals: 

NINA MEEHAN (Exec Artistic Director, Bay Area Children's Theatre)

NICK PRAMIK (Marketing Director at SpotCo entertainment agency & former Broadway performer)

  • Excellence in DANCE Award - whole team
  • Outstanding Student Choreographer - Julie Rohrer
  • Broadway Jr All-Stars - Julie Rohrer and Max Schoepp
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes




VIDEO LINK to details and fun festival footage 

Annual convention of 6,000+ people from across the USA, gathered to celebrate music theater 

A long weekend filled with energy, fun, judging, performances & workshops

Opportunity to see what other theater companies are performing and how you compare

Chance to bond with actors from THT and an opportunity to meet other kids who love theater


Boys and girls, ages 10-18, who must audition

Production Team members (3-4 adults)

Adult Chaperones  ** mandatory for team members ages 10-12

The Production Team looks for hard-working, dedicated and motivated students to positively represent Treehouse Theater at JTF.  We will listen to you sing a memorized solo piece (accompanied by a CD or I-pod), teach and watch a dance/movement number, and listen to a memorized theatrical monologue.



Monday, June 12:  1:00-3:00 pm

Monday, June 26:  12:30-2:30 pm

Saturday, July 22:  10:00 am

Additional dates will be added, if needed




  • All local instruction and round-trip travel arrangements
  • Team t-shirt to be worn during "mini-musical" performance in Atlanta
  • Round-trip bus and airfare to/from Manitowoc and Atlanta
  • Four nights lodging 
  • Student meal allowance of $100 
  • Festival participation fee (t-shirt, educational workshops, special guest speakers, yearbook)


2018 APPLICATIONS - JTF Director and Music Director ~ deadline is May 15



2017 Performing Team

presented a 15-minute "mini-musical" of Beauty & the Beast Jr for industry professionals:

SHAY RODGERS (Choreographer, Theatre Under the Stars & iTheatrics show kit DVD's)

BRAD SIMMONS (performer, Broadway Music Director & Composer)


Alice Ehle, Rosie Ehle, Addison Fowler, Jessica Iannitello, Rebecca Iannitello

Madison Moore, Aaron Mleziva, Braden Ortiz, Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller

Samuel Schoepp, Hannah Schuh, Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Alexis Veleke

  • Tech Olympics Team 1st place Award - Rosie Ehle, Aaron Mleziva, Ethan Stokes, Alexis Veleke
  • Broadway Jr All-Stars - Julie Rohrer and Samuel Schoepp
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Alice Ehle, Rosie Ehle, Julie Rohrer, Hannah Schuh, Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Alexis Veleke
  • Choreography DVD callbacks - Alice Ehle and Julie Rohrer 


2016 Performing Team

presented a 15-minute "mini-musical" of The Music Man Jr for industry professionals: 

CINDY RIPLEY (Senior Education Consultant for iTheatrics)

ERNIE NOLAN (VP of Theatre for Young Audiences USA and Artistic Director of Emerald City Theatre)



 Addison Fowler, Anna Gallagher, Chase Guse, John Paul Heili, Beth Iannitello, Jessica Iannitello

Rebecca Iannitello, Dallas Laurin, Jon Menk, Halle Nagel, Abby Onesti, Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller

Max Schoepp, Samuel Schoepp, Michelle Sheahan, Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Zoe Valitchka

Alexis Veleke and Cassie Wanek  

  • Excellence in ACTING Award - whole team
  • Broadway Jr All-Stars - Rebecca Iannitello and Ethan Stokes
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Anna Gallagher, Dallas Laurin, Halle Nagel, Julie Rohrer, Max Schoepp, Samuel Schoepp, Allyson Stokes
  • Choreography DVD callbacks - Dallas Laurin and Samuel Schoepp



2015 Performing Team

presented a 15-minute "mini-musical" of Godspell Jr for industry professionals:

NICK PRAMIK (Marketing Director at SpotCo entertainment agency & former Broadway performer)

CAROL WORCEL (world-wide Producer/Director/Choreographer & former Broadway performer)



 Isabella Beckner, Alice Ehle, Addison Fowler, Chase Guse, Beth Iannitello, Jessica Iannitello

Rebecca Iannitello, Brogan Jindra, Dallas Laurin, AJ Lisowe, Olivia Lutterman, Jon Menk, Halle Nagel

Abby Onesti, Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller, Samuel Schoepp, Siena Schoepp, Kristin Senglaub

Michelle Sheahan, Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Zoe Valitchka, Alexis Veleke

Allex Vergenz and Cassie Wanek 

  • Excellence in DANCE Award - whole team
  • Tech All-Star & $500 Scholarship recipient - AJ Lisowe
  • Broadway Jr. All-Stars - Alice Ehle and Ethan Stokes
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Isabella Beckner, Julie Rohrer, Kristin Senglaub, Michelle Sheahan


 2014 Performing Team 

presented a 15-minute "mini-musical" of Seussical Jr for industry professionals:

    MICHAEL BOBBITT (Artistic Director at Adventure Theater in Washington DC)

JENNIFER FOOTE (current Broadway actress and former Rockette)


Isabella Beckner, Michael Burish, Mariah Giesler, Mary Heili, Beth Iannitello, Rebecca Iannitello

Brogan Jindra, Kamryn Jones,  Dallas Laurin, Olivia Lutterman, Halle Nagel, Abby Onesti

Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller, Sam Schoepp, Siena Schoepp, Kristin Senglaub, Michelle Sheahan

Allyson Stokes, Ethan Stokes, Zoe Valitchka, Alexis Veleke, Allex Vergenz

Cassie Wanek and James Willoughby

  • Excellence in ACTING Award - whole group
  • Broadway Jr. All Stars - Cassie Wanek and Ethan Stokes
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Abby Onesti and Sam Schoepp

2013 Performing Team 

 presented a 15-minute "mini-musical" of The Little Mermaid Jr for industry professionals:   

CINDY RIPLEY (Sr. Education Consultant for iTheatrics)

TOBIN OST (Broadway Set & Costume Designer)


Kasey Anton, Eulalia Carriveau, Mariah Giesler, Mary Heili, Brogan Jindra, Claire LaLiberte, Dallas Laurin

Olivia Lutterman, Abby Onesti, Julie Rohrer, Emily Schaller, Samuel Schoepp, Siena Schoepp

Kristin Senglaub, Allyson Stokes, Zoe Valitchka, Cora VanEss, Allex Vergenz and Cassie Wanek

  • Excellence in MUSIC Award - whole team
  • Outstanding Student Choreographer - Julie Rohrer
  • Broadway Jr. All Stars - Abby Onesti and Sam Schoepp
  • Choreography DVD auditions - Dallas Laurin, Abby Onesti, Samuel Schoepp
  • Choreography DVD callback - Samuel Schoepp


Karen Rohrer - Executive Director

(920) 242-6842


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