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 Local Performing Arts Group

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licensed thru Music Theatre International


MUSIC by Alan Menken
LYRICS by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice
BOOK by Linda Wolverton


This story of transformation and tolerance blends the worlds of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, a young prince trapped in his castle under the spell of an enchantress.  He must learn to love and be loved before the final rose petal falls or the curse will never end.

The villagers - including Gaston, LeFou, and Silly Girls - don't understand Belle or her inventive father, Maurice, and they fear the Beast.

The castle's Enchanted Objects - including Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette and Madame - know that time is running out for Beast to learn his lesson.  When Belle arrives at the castle, they have new hope!  



  • BELLE - Villagers, Belle, Gaston, LeFou, Silly Girls and Narrators
  • BELLE (Reprise) - Silly Girls, Belle
  • HOME - Belle
  • HOME (Tag) - Mrs. Potts and Madame de la Grande Bouche
  • GASTON - LeFou, Silly Girls, Narrators, Gaston and Gaston Patrons
  • GASTON (Reprise) - Gaston, LeFou and Silly Girls
  • BE OUR GUEST - Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Babette, Madame and Enchanted
  • SOMETHING THERE - Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Babette, Madame, Chip
  • HUMAN AGAIN - Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette, Madame and Enchanted
  • THE MOB SONG - Monsieur D"Arque, Gaston, LeFou and Villagers
  • HOME (Reprise) - Belle
  • FINALE - Company



BELLE (Emily Schaller) a smart, confident young woman from a small village, able to stand up to Gaston while showing compassion for Maurice, the Servants and eventually the Beast
BEAST (Ben Strong) hideously transformed by the spell of an Enchantress, this actor delivers a range of conflicting emotional states.  
MAURICE (Joaquin Guynes) - an aging and eccentric inventor, but more importantly, the adoring and protective father of Belle. 
GASTON (Braden Ortiz) - pompous and dim-witted, in pursuit of Belle.  Sells his big eponymous number with arrogance and leads the Villagers. 
LEFOU (Noah Babich) - Gaston's equally dim-witted side-kick  
SILLY GIRLS (Addison Fowler, Allex Vergenz, Anna Gallagher) - in love with Gaston and will do anything just to be near him.  Comic roles and play off each other.
LUMIERE (Julie Rohrer) - a confident, charming French mâitre d who became a candelabra.  An incessant bickering rapport with Cogsworth and lights up the stage.  
COGSWORTH (Collin Lukes) - the British major-domo of the castle who became a worried clock. He shows a fatherly compassion for Belle yet is perfectly submissive to the master, the Beast. 
MRS POTTS (Cassie Wanek) - the castle' s endearing cook who became a teapot. With a strong, sweet voice, she is able to convey comforting, maternal qualities amidst the chaos in the castle.
BABETTE (Jessica Iannitello) - the maid of the castle who became a feather duster.  Babette is happy to be at Belle's service and her heart comes through with solid vocal skills to handle harmonies.
MADAME De La GRANDE BOUCHE (Libbey Kirchner) - an opera singer who became a wardrobe; larger-than-life in everything she does. The ultimate diva with an outsized personality and voice. 
CHIP (Allie Gallagher) - child of Mrs. Potts who became a teacup. Chip has a wonderful naïveté that endears her to all of the Castle's Enchanted Objects. 
NARRATORS (Allyson Stokes, Autumn Mueller, Max Schoepp, Rosie Ehle) - guide the focus and pace of this beautiful tale; actors with great enunciation and projection.
PRINCE (Aaron Mleziva) - a selfish young man who turns away the Enchantress before she places him under a spell.  Once the Beast learns his lesson, the Prince returns to sing with Belle in the Finale. 
ENCHANTRESS (Alexandria Decker) - a flair for the visually dramatic as her transformation in the Prologue needs to entice the audience into the story.
MONSEIUR D'ARQUE (Noah VanElls) - proprietor of the lunatic asylum with a sinister personality. Although Monsieur D Arque has few lines of solo singing lines in  The Mob Song.  Actor can double as a Castle Servant.
TEA SET (Jackie Dramm, Monica Iannitello, Sarah Ladwig, Veda Marks) - Mrs. Potts' family
ENCHANTED OBJECTS (Maddie Dramm, Alice Ehle, Amellia Fowler, Mazie Frahm, Clara Geissler, Mary Iannitello, Addison Karbon, Sophie Korinek, Elizabeth Leikam, Regina Lou, Autumn Mueller, Emerson Ortiz, Hannah Schuh, Ethan Stokes, Gwen Stryzewski, Alexis Veleke, Jaylee Ziemer)  - household items that are the "Rockettes" of the castle. They should be able to handle a potentially awkward costume while singing and dancing in two big production numbers.
VILLAGERS / GASTON PATRONS (Claire Becker, Ben Booth, Cal Booth, Cova DeBauche, Camara DeBauche, Susie Ehle, Karina Guzman, Audra Hampton-Gregory, Maggie Heili, Grace Heine, Teresa Iannitello, Paige Jeske, Chloe Johanek, Jozlyn Michalek, Parker Nechodumu, Alex Neuser, Zach Neuser, Grace Odell, Lindsey Pionek, Vayda Sonnenberg, Mackenzi Stokes, Leyah VanElls, Morgan Wiesner) - the inhabitants of Belle's town, some with featured vocal solos and lines.  This group must provide vocal power throughout the show and dance in the large production numbers.


Karen Rohrer - Executive Director


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