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  1. The production - era, type of music, storyline, interesting roles
  2. Song options
  3. Monologue options


       Practice leads to Confidence!


       Pack a bag to bring to Auditions

  1. CD or iPod with song accompianment
  2. Shoes to change into - jazz, ballet, tennis
  3. Water bottle

Dress nicely in something comfortable for moving that makes you feel good



  1. Team playersactors who listen and support their fellow actors
  2. Poise and Personality - confident, relaxed and energetic actors
  3. Good diction & projection - speaking loudly, clearly and slowly enough to understand each word
  4. Understanding - actors who "get" what they are singing, saying and reading
  5. Expression - sharing your feelings and emotions
  6. Vulnerability - allowing your sensitive side to show
  7. Authentic Acting - using face, voice and entire body
  8. Flexibility - ability to make changes when asked/directed
  9. Dedication - commitment to this show vs. heavy conflicts

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Madagascar Jr - Students should prepare, memorize and rehearse a one-minute vocal solo (up to 32 bars) from a music theater production that highlights their range.  REQUIRED: bring a CD, ipod or smart phone with accompaniment, preferably without vocals on the track

To be considered for one of the 25 speaking roles, students should memorize a one-minute monologue from a theater production that shows good voice inflection and diction.  Sample monologues are available on this website, or 

Arrive 10 minutes prior to their audition time slot, dressed in nice clothing suitable for movement and bring dance or tennis shoes.  Girls, please pull your hair back so we can see your face.  No need for excessive make-up or a fancy hairstyle. Students will learn a short dance and display movement abilities

Bring a POSITIVE attitude, SMILE and give your best effort!


 Madagascar JR


Optional, No Cost

Open to students AND parents/guardians


Sun, Jan. 21, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

818 Franklin St, Manitowoc 

Led by the Production Team

no registration needed



Rehearsal studio TOUR

Proper Preparation

What to expect

Selecting a vocal piece and/or monologue

What to wear

Importance of Body Language, Diction, Projection, Confidence & being receptive to instruction



Understanding Casting and

Dealing with Disappointment


Why Didn’t You Get the Role?

Actors must not worry about why they don’t get a role; they should only concern themselves with doing their best at auditions.  Casting is the most difficult process that a production team must complete.  The parts/roles fit like a jigsaw puzzle—and there are times when the best auditioners simply don’t ‘fit.’   Actors cannot be concerned with understanding the puzzle as it is extremely difficult to explain.  Just do your best at auditions, cry a little if you don’t get the role you wanted, and them dive into the role that you got or the next project.   Don't waste time asking yourself why because it is usually a series of items over which the actor has no control.


How Do I Find Out Why?

There is really no value in seeking and finding out why you weren’t cast in a role; you’ll rarely learn the truth, anyhow.  The reasons are likely to be complex and often times, have nothing to do with something you can control or alter.  What good will it do to find out that you're too short or tall?  Each show's casting considerations are relative and subjective, no matter what objective criteria is utilized.  Given readings of equal excellence, a Director is likely to select one over the other simply because “I like him/her.”  Since there is nothing you can do about this, it’s best not to concern yourself with it.  





Open to boys and girls, 4-14

with an educational focus 

Auditions* held on the first day of camp



LINK to online Registration

opens June 1



Level 2 - FALL

Open to boys and girls, ages 6-18

with a local performance focus

Auditions held in September 


for a time slot is strongly recommended; Walk in's welcome to arrive at the beginning of any Audition time slot



 Level 2 - SPRING

Open to boys and girls, ages 6-18

with a local performance focus

 Auditions held in February 


for a time slot is strongly recommended; Walk-in's welcome to arrive at the beginning of any Audition time slot 



Level 3 - JTF Performing Team

Open to boys and girls, ages 10-18

with an Atlanta competition focus 


Auditions held in June